Baby Levi, Capital Hill, Washington, DC

Liza and Brian welcomed me into their gorgeous DC home to capture their new addition – Baby Levi! The session happened in their beautifully remodeled master bedroom, as a photographer that loves creamy, neutral tones I was in heaven! And the love they have for their baby boy was palpable, he is so loved!

Newborn sessions usually go one of 2 ways, the baby is either very sleepy and stays that way for more or less the full session, or the baby is fussy and there is a lot of feeding, rocking and comforting to try to get them to settle down to sleep. Levi was neither sleepy or fussy, he was content to be wide awake for most of his session leading to some of my favorite ever newborn eye contact shots. Levi has big, round, dark eyes that suck you in, (as you can see in many of the shots below) how could you not love this little man?! We did eventually get little Levi to fall asleep for the last 30 minutes or so of his session to get some of those adorable sleepy newborn pics!

As if Levi wasn’t cute enough, add in his 2 puppy siblings and your heart just about explodes! Harvey and Penny are very well behaved miniature poodles that happily hopped up on the bed for their turn for pictures with the new baby. You can tell they already love their little brother and are looking forward to many happy years of playtime and snuggles ahead!

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