DC Saucer Magnolia Maternity Session

DC Saucer Magnolia Maternity Session at Enid A. Haupt Garden

Welcoming a new life into the world is a joyous occasion, full of anticipation, and a touch of magic. What better way to celebrate this journey into motherhood than by capturing your beauty of maternity amidst the enchanting backdrop of DC saucer magnolias in bloom! As these delicate flowers paint the city pink, they provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable maternity session.

DC, known for its iconic landmarks and picturesque scenery, transforms into a pink wonderland during the saucer magnolia bloom. These magnificent trees are one of the first signs of spring in the city, blooming in early-to-mid March. They typically bloom about 2 weeks ahead of the well-known cherry blossoms at the tidal basin. With their elegant, cup-shaped blossoms, create a fairytale-like atmosphere that is both romantic and ethereal- perfectly fitting for capturing the essence of motherhood.

Imagine strolling through a garden adorned with blooming saucer magnolias, their sweet fragrance filling the air as you embrace the precious life growing within you. Each petal seems to whisper secrets of new beginnings and boundless love, offering a serene backdrop for timeless photos that will be cherished for generations to come.

Planning your session during the peak of the saucer magnolia bloom ensures that you’ll be surrounded by a breathtaking display of nature’s splendor. Timing for peak bloom takes advanced planning and attention to detail. You will want to reach out in January to get on my calendar for those few precious spots where we will be able to capture peak bloom! Due to large crowds and traffic in the city, I only offer sunrise saucer magnolia sessions. The soft sunlight in the quiet city provides a gorgeous atmosphere to take in the blooms and endless possibilities for creating stunning images.

As you pose amidst the blossoms, I will capture the essence of this special moment in time—the anticipation, the joy, and the deep connection between you and your unborn child. From intimate close-ups highlighting the curve of your belly to sweeping landscapes showcasing the majestic magnolia trees in bloom, each photograph becomes a work of art, telling the story of your journey to motherhood.

The saucer magnolia bloom offers a symbolic significance that adds depth to your maternity photoshoot. Like these resilient flowers that bloom anew each spring, you are embarking on a journey of transformation and renewal. With only a brief window of time to witness this spectacular display, each image becomes a precious memento of a moment that will never be replicated exactly the same way again.

Although you can find saucer magnolias clustered around the city, the largest concentration is at the Enid A. Haupt Garden behind the Smithsonian Castle. This is my favorite place to take in the magic of the saucer magnolias in bloom, the whole garden bursts into an amazing sea of pink! It is really a sight to see and provides an epic backdrop for a DC Saucer Magnolia Maternity Session.


Are you wanting to plan your own special maternity session? Get in touch and let’s start dreaming together!

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